• "My pool service customers are so happy. Many do not know about the hazards of Diatomaceous Earth. They appreciate that I am watching out for them."

  • "Fiber Clear is an effective and safe alternative to D.E. which is a known carcinogen."

  • "I switched from D.E. to Fiber Clear a couple summers ago and found it works better than D.E. and with less mess."

  • "Fiber Clear filters better than D.E. I use less media and I don't have to worry about inhaling D.E., which can destroy your lungs."

  • "This stuff is fantastic. It really does polish the water; there are NO particles and floaters visible in front of the pool light at night."

  • "This stuff is great. I grew up using D.E., a carcinogen and dangerous if accidently inhaled. Fiber Clear is safe, comes in a resealable bag and you use much less. The best alternative to D.E.!!!"

  • "We are very happy with Fiber Clear. Our pool is crystal clear and I save money on chemicals. I never use any clarifiers and the water is so clear that I can see the bottom of the pool, even in the deep end."

The Cure for Cloudy Pool Water

Fiber Clear Works in All Types of Pool Filtration Systems

Sand Filtration Systems


Sand filtration, the tried and true pool filtration system, is the least efficient filtration used in swimming pools. Sand filter systems will provide filtration down to approximately [...]

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Cartridge Filtration Systems

Cartride filters for Fiber Clear

Fiber Start™ and Fiber Blend™ are the perfect additions to any cartridge system by providing an extra fine layer of filtration, taking up where the cartridge material [...]

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Diatomaceous Earth Systems


Fiber Clear beats Diatomaceous Earth in every aspect possible. It’s cleaner, safer, easier and less expensive.Banish dangerous D.E. and replace with a winning blend of Fiber Clear.Fiber [...]

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Find Fiber Clear Near You – Now!

Some stores may try to sell you an inferior brand of cellulose fiber. Use the highest quality fiber product – made by Fiber Clear. It works better, has the highest flow rates, and is optimized for pool filtration applications.

Fiber Clear Earns 5 Stars! Accept No Substitutes

Fiber Clear consistently earns 5 Star Ratings in reviews. Demand the best from your pool supply retailer. Accept No Substitutes! Demand Fiber Clear!