Fiber Start™ and Fiber Blend™ are the perfect additions to any cartridge system by providing an extra fine layer of filtration, taking up where the cartridge material leaves off. Both Fiber Start and Fiber Blend will enhance your cartridge filtration system giving your pool that clean, clear, polished look that only Fiber Clear products can provide.

Use Fiber Start at the Beginning of the Swimming Season for Start-Up and to Address High Particulate Loading

Fiber Start is the perfect way to start your swimming season and to clear up high particulate loading pool conditions. Fiber Start, a natural clarifier, , is an extremely effective filter aid and will extend filtration cycles during startups. Fiber Start provides filtration down to 10 microns. After the pool has gone through a complete cycle, backwash and recharge with Fiber Clear for ultra fine filtration to 2 microns. Fiber Start is biodegradable, non-toxic and the best replacement for Diatomaceous Earth.

Now You Can Reduce Tile Scum with Fiber Blend, Powered by Cellulose Fiber and Natural Enzymes

Starting with Fiber Start, then using Fiber Blend throughout the pool season, gives you the “one-two” punch that Diatomaceous Earth and traditional media can’t provide. By using Fiber Blend, you can continue to benefit from naturally effective filtration while also addressing the nasty tile scum lines that appear after heavy pool use. Fiber Blend attacks and breaks down the causes of tile scum – sun tan lotions, body oils, and cosmetic residue.

Perfect for commercial pools and other types of heavy use pool applications, Fiber Blend is a natural clarifier and an effective filter aid, reducing your pools reliance on harsh chemical clarifiers.

Fiber Blend provides finer filtration than traditional media, is biodegradable and non-toxic.


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