Fiber Clear is not a replacement for sand in a sand filter. However, it can be used in a sand filter as a filter aid. Add one Fiber Clear cup at a time to the sand bed, until the pressure has risen to one pound. What you are trying to do is coat the top of the sand bed with approximately a 1/8 ” layer of Fiber Clear. Make sure to watch the pressure gauge as Fiber Clear filters to 2 microns and sand normally filters at the 30 to 40 micron level. Therefore, the pressures will increase rapidly. Fiber Clear may “load-up” quickly and will need to be backwashed within 24 hours. Do not leave the Fiber Clear in the sand filter for more than 24 hours. When used in this manner, Fiber Clear will produce crystal clear pool water. When the water begins to get cloudy again, repeat the above procedure.

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  1. Irene Julius says:

    I have a sand filter and need to add fiber clear. How do I do that? do I open the top of the filter or put the product in the skimmer?