If  your filtration system with Fiber Clear is “clogged” resulting in higher pressure readings, it is because the media has become infiltrated with something. The media is only doing its job. It is important that you do not add any clarifying agents or coagulants with polymers to your pool water when using Fiber Clear. This will cause the pressure in the filter to rise dramatically. These chemicals sequester small particulate that has normally been passing through other media, into larger “clumps” of matter, so that traditional filter media can trap them, thereby “clarifying” the water. Because Fiber Clear filters as fine as it does (to 2 microns), it naturally filters out the finer particles creating “crystal clear, “sparkling swimming pool water. The 2 micron filtration also filters out algae spores, thereby naturally controlling or eliminating algae growth.

How Can I Tell If Any of My Chemicals Contain Clarifiers?

Some chemicals have the word “PLUS” added to their name. Many of these have added clarifiers in them. Check the label carefully or contact the chemical manufacturer.

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