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  1. Peter McHugh says:

    I’ve loaded my system with the suggested amount of fiber clear. Nine scoops in a Hayward 48 sq. ft. filter designed for de. When I vacuum the dead algae from the pool bottom all three return lines are blowing green plumes back into the pool as if nothing is being filtered. My pressure is running @ 10% lower that it does with de. Any suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Dear Peter:
      In order to more fully understand your problem, I am making a few assumptions: 1) that you are starting up your pool for the first time this season, 2) that prior to adding the 9 cups of Fiber Clear, you broke apart your DE filter, cleaned out all old DE, and inspected the grids for tears or perforations, and checked the seals on your grids, and 3) when you say “scoops”, you referring to the 16 oz. Fiber Clear (beverage cup) that was included in your bag of Fiber Clear.

      It sounds like you have killed the algae, and need to filter out the spores. My first inclination is that the grids have some tears in them, or the O-rings on the grids are not sealing properly. This will also account for your pressure running low.

      After inspecting your filter, if you wish to discuss this further, you may reach me at 612.670.1234.

      Fiber Clear Customer Service